DTE’s MIGreenPower program enables you to reduce your small business’s carbon footprint and meet your sustainability goals in a way that’s convenient, affordable and flexible. MIGreenPower does this by attributing a percentage of your business’s electricity use to Michigan-made wind and solar energy. Enrolling is the fastest and least expensive way for your company to achieve 100% renewable energy.

But how does MIGreenPower work? Take a look at the frequently asked questions and answers below or visit www.migreenpower.com to learn more.

Q: How will my MIGreenPower enrollment appear on my bill?  

A: Once enrolled, you will see three additional line items on your next bill – one for the subscription fee of the program and two monthly credits reflecting the capacity and kilowatt hours of renewable energy used. 

Q: How will DTE use the subscription fee? 

A: The subscription fee directly supports the development, construction, operations, and maintenance of current and future DTE renewable energy projects. 

Q: Will the cost be the same every month?  

A: No – the cost fluctuates depending on your monthly electric usage.  

Q: Can I change my subscription?  

A: Yes – you can make changes to any or all subscriptions once per monthly billing cycle.  

Q: How can I cancel my subscription? 

A: You can cancel at any time by signing into your online DTE account or contacting us at migreenpower@dteenergy.com. There is no cancellation fee.  

Q: What is renewable energy?  

A: Renewable energy is energy that comes from sources that are infinite, such as wind and solar. 

Q: Where are DTE’s renewable energy projects?  

A: DTE has 20 wind parks and 33 solar parks, all located in Michigan. 

Q: How does renewable energy get to my business?  

A: The energy generated by DTE’s wind and solar parks goes to the electric grid that serves all customers, which then distributes the energy as needed. Imagine the electric grid as a giant bathtub that’s constantly being filled from many different faucets — each one representing a different power plant that uses energy sources such as solar, coal, natural gas, and wind. Much of the water entering the tub is from faucets connected to traditional power plants that use coal and natural gas. But some of the water comes from a growing number of faucets from clean, renewable sources like wind and solar, which contribute pure, clean water.  

Q: How is this going to benefit me?  

A: By enrolling, you are reducing your business’s carbon footprint without the maintenance and upfront costs of installing your own equipment. You’re also supporting the construction of more renewable energy projects in Michigan, creating jobs and fueling Michigan’s clean energy economy. We encourage you to tell your customers you are supporting clean energy and will provide you with materials like window clings to make people aware their business with you also helps support renewable energy. 

Q: Does this change my service with DTE?  

A: No – your DTE Electric service will remain the same. If you move within DTE’s electric service territory, your participation will travel with you. If you move out of DTE’s electric service territory, you will be automatically unenrolled. 

Q: Can I still install my own private solar generation system? 

A: Yes; however, the requirements state that you must have at least 10 acres of land for every megawatt of electricity. Additionally, onsite solar requires upfront capital investment. Visit the Rooftop Solar and Private Generation page at dteenergy.com to learn more.