DTE Energy is committed to powering homes and brighter futures for Detroit residents, through the Energy Efficiency Assistance Program (EEA) and the Detroit Home Repair Fund (DHRF), to help address critical home repairs such as roofing, foundations, stairs, windows, drywall, and more.

Last year, DTE partnered with the Gilbert Family Foundation and ProMedica to launch a $20M fund to assist 1,000 income-qualified Detroit homeowners within the 200% federal poverty line with necessary improvements to ensure they have adequate housing. Garnering an overwhelming response upon launch, the DHRF acts as a funding gap resource to address home repairs, activating community action agencies that are already working with DTE’s EEA program to address barriers such as electrical upgrades, roof repair, and asbestos removal.

Residents like Loretta Powell, a member of Detroit’s Good Stock Community who received DHRF assistance, know from experience just how dire the need is to fix these critical home repairs. “I’ve visited homes with stairs that were unsafe and seen first-hand how desperately needed home repair is in Detroit,” says Powell.

In 2021, her home basement flooded, causing considerable damage, which required upgraded flood prevention measures so the flooding would not happen again. The DHRF provided those necessary basement repairs to prevent any future flooding, with the EEA program replacing her furnace and hot water heater, all at no cost. “The contractor who worked on my house came out and showed me exactly what he was going to do, putting down the pipes and wrapping everything up,” says Powell. “He was very professional, and I’m just amazed. I am so happy and grateful for what you all are doing.”

In addition to fixing the extensive damage to her basement caused by flooding, Ms. Powell also had her bathroom renovated for safety, among other repairs.

“We can’t layer on energy efficiency, whole home weatherization, or any other items without repairing the home first, “ said David Becker, EEA Marketing Program Manager at DTE.  “Before we go in and make a home more energy efficient, we have to address the health and safety needs first, which is exactly what the Detroit Home Repair Fund does.”

DTE is excited to continue this partnership with the Gilbert Family Foundation and ProMedica, to ensure that Detroiters such as Ms. Powell and other families can enjoy the comfort of a more energy-efficient home. To learn more about the Detroit Home Repair Fund and see if you qualify for EEA program assistance, please contact us at 866.796.0512 or send an email to energy_saving@dteenergy.com.