Tree trimming is an essential part of the DTE four-point plan to improve electrical reliability for our customers. Downed tree branches account for 50% of the time that customers are without power, so proactively trimming trees helps prevent power outages. Jobs that require tree trimming start with a safety brief where the members of the crew get an overview of the job taking place, their roles for the day, and ways to remain safe while on the job.  

Pictured below is a residential tree trimming job that took place recently in Oak Park, on West 9 Mile Road and Parklawn Street. When our team arrived, they sectioned off portions of the street and sidewalk where they would perform the work and where branches could potentially land. Crews are told to watch for tools that could be on the ground, falling leaves and branches, as well as other overhead hazards. Upon entering the job site, crew members are instructed to use “three-way communication.” The party coming into the site indicates they want to enter, the individuals doing the trimming removes any potential hazards and grants permission to enter, and those entering indicate they are ready to proceed. Steps like these ensure that jobs get performed safely, effectively and timely.   


This tree trim job was one of several happening within the Oak Park area and the work nearby will continue throughout 2023. You can find out where tree trimming and more is happening by using out Electric Reliability Improvement Map. You can see the improvements that we are making in your community. You can also find more information about the reliability work taking place in Oakland County by checking out the Oakland County community page.