When DTE equipment is damaged, our crews respond as quickly and safely as possible to restore power to customers. A good example of this commitment is an incident that recently occurred in downtown Clarkston. DTE crews were quickly on-site after a secondary wire malfunctioned and caused damage to equipment at the top of a power pole, causing an outage. 

Crews were able to set a new pole into position and hang new pole top equipment like cans, cross arms and more. “Cans” is short for canisters, which lower the voltage from the higher voltage in the supply lines to the power used in your home or business. New cross arms help support the other pole-top equipment so they can remain sturdy even during extreme weather. This job was done quickly and safely on South Main Street and Waldon Road, and work will continue throughout the area to improve overall reliability.  

If you’d like to stay up to date on upgrades taking place in your area, please visit our electric reliability improvements map where you can see our investments and plan for future work for 2023. You can also visit our Oakland County community page to read more about the work being done in the county.