Dearborn has some of the area’s oldest infrastructure, in some cases dating back nearly a century. While the equipment has served the community well, we have been making upgrades throughout Dearborn as a part of our four-point plan to drive greater reliability and safety for several communities in the city.                               

Recently, crews were at the intersection of Haggerty Street and Kingsley Street performing pole top maintenance on a 10-pole circuit that powers local Dearborn schools and the surrounding community. The previous poles were beyond their useful life and were replaced along with new equipment that will reduce outages and provide more reliable energy, even during extreme weather.  

In the picture above, the previous pole was cut into smaller pieces and a sturdier pole was set in place to replace it. Crews connected new wires, transformers, and cross arms to the pole to ensure that safe energy flows for years to come. You can read more about how our investments in Dearborn are impacting your community by reading our Wayne County community page. You can also stay up to date on reliability work in your neighborhood by visiting our electric reliability improvements map.