You may aspire to be the next Rachel Ray at home in your kitchen, so choose natural gas for quicker, easier and cleaner cooking with the most precise temperatures, control and even heat. In fact, 9 out of 10 chefs prefer using natural gas when it comes to cooking.  

Yet no matter how skilled you are at the sauté flip, or searing the perfect piece of meat or fish, DTE Energy wants to make sure you’re staying safe when cooking with natural gas.  

Here are a few quick tips to keep your kitchen safe and bellies full: 

  1. Check your flame color – Blue is beautiful. If it’s yellow, that could indicate your gas appliance or ducts aren’t working properly. 
  2. Choose the right size pot, and make sure the flame doesn’t extend beyond its edges.  
  3. Don’t allow water to boil over. While it could put out the flame, the gas is still running, increasing chances for danger. 
  4. Keep your burners and range top clean and clear of debris, including dish towels, cords, grease, leftover food pieces, boxes, plastic dishes and other materials.  
  5. When lighting manually, always light the match before turning on the range and gas.  
  6. Make a habit to check your knobs to ensure they’re fully off. If you accidentally bump the knob, it could let out a small amount of gas and overtime, that could be dangerous.  

If your burners are off completely and you still smell gas – know what to do: 

  • Leave the area 
  • Call 9-1-1 
  • Then call DTE (or your local gas provider) at 800-947-5000 

Finally, if you suffer from persistent headaches, dizziness, fatigue or nausea – and feel better when you’re outside of away from the home or kitchen, this could indicate something more dangerous – carbon monoxide poisoning. 

If you notice these signs – you must leave immediately and call 9-1-1. Read more signs here