On Thursday, Nov. 16 DTE was a part of a major milestone as the city of Ann Arbor unveiled the first-ever pole-mounted electric vehicle (EV) chargers in Michigan. This is also Ann Arbor’s first public curbside EV chargers.

The two public Level 2 EV chargers leverage existing DTE utility poles, providing three key benefits: 

  • Cost-effective expansion: Unlike standalone charging stations, utilizing existing poles minimizes construction work and its associated costs. 
  • Convenient parking and charging: This type of charging supports those living in multi-unit dwellings who do not have access to parking in a garage. Plus, it gives EV drivers a place to charge while using street parking. 
  • Fast deployment: With the infrastructure already in place, we can swiftly roll out additional chargers as demand grows. 

You can read the full announcement here, see its coverage on Channel 4, or visit our EV webpage to learn about the programs and rebates available.