As DTE Alumni, we wanted to arm you with some helpful information if you are asked by friends or neighbors about various topics circulating in the news. As always, we appreciate you serving as lifelong advocates for DTE!

July Storm

  • We faced the second-largest storm in our history on July 19-20.  It caused outages for nearly 600,000 customers, and our crews worked around the clock to get power back to everyone.
  • DTE called in more than 1,000 additional workers from a half-dozen other states to help get the job done.
  • This storm was a reminder that our electric system needs to be modernized and strengthened. We are investing in smart grid technologies and upgrade our equipment, including thousands of miles of electric lines and poles. This investment will pay off in the months and years to come — our improved resources will limit the number and length of outages and help us spot and address issues quicker and more efficiently.

Our Electric Rate:

  • DTE Energy serves customers with safe, reliable energy while keeping bills as low as possible. As of this month, our electric rate for residential customers reflects a slightly more than 1.5% increase each year since 2013, on average.  Our residential electric customer bills are below the national average, thanks to customers cutting usage through our energy efficiency programs.
  • The Michigan Public Service Commission reviewed DTE’s electric rates in May and approved an increase allowing DTE to invest in infrastructure upgrades.  These should improve reliability, with smart technologies, new poles, wires and substations, and enhanced tree trimming along the company’s 31,000 miles of overhead power lines.
  • We continue to look ahead to plan for future needs and recently took the early steps in Michigan’s process for rate review.  Changes, if any, from the new review would likely not be implemented until mid 2020.

High Heat & Bills

  • This July was one of the hottest in Michigan’s history.  Nearly every day in July surpassed 80 degrees, and nine July days reached above 90 degrees, more than twice the normal number. High air conditioning use during July drove up bills for customers who had to cope with the extreme heat.
  • July also had more one more day of energy usage than June.  On average, an extra day of usage can make a bill around 3 or 4% higher than a month with just one less day.
  • To help customers see how their AC and other usage makes a difference, we show usage comparisons to prior months on each bill. 
  • Temperatures are already easing, and August and September have one fewer day of usage (30 vs 31) so future bills should bring relief.
    Since ups and downs on bills make it tough to budget, DTE offers Budget Wise Billing, which spreads usage across the year and results in a bill that won’t change each month, so there are no surprises. 

Helping Customers Save Money:

  • Free Home Energy Consultations show customers where their homes use the most energy and recommend savings tips for each room. During these visits, we give customers free LED lightbulbs, nightlights, energy-efficient showerheads, faucet aerators, and more.  Customers can sign up at http://dteenergy.com/hec.
  • Customers can download the free DTE Insight app, which will show where and when they use energy. This knowledge lets customers take control of their usage and make decisions that could lower their bills.
    DTE offers a variety of pricing and billing options.  Customers can visit http://dteenergy.com/price to choose the best options for them, based on their budget, lifestyle and energy needs.

Returning Tax Savings to Customers:

  • In June, DTE completed issuing customer credits as part of the company’s return of $300 million in tax savings to customers. While these credits ended in June, customers will continue to benefit from DTE’s lower tax rate, with the average residential electric customer saving around $40 annually. Details are available at  http://dteenergy.com/taxcredit.