Michigan is the automobile capital of the world, and our state’s hometown manufacturers and leaders have made electric vehicle adoption a priority. DTE has a critical role to play by powering this transition, and after working over the past year with more than 100 stakeholders, we filed our new Transportation Electrification Plan (TEP) with the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC).

Our new plan supports EV adoption for low to moderate income Michigan families, breaks down barriers for all communities with EV educational programs and resources, and enhances Michigan’s EV charging infrastructure. It will achieve these goals by prioritizing over $100 million in EV charger rebates over a four-year period (2025 – 2028) for residential, business and public EV charger installations. This means installing EV chargers will be more affordable and accessible for qualifying Michigan businesses and families – in some cases fully covering the cost of installing an EV charger.

“Our approach is going to benefit thousands of Michigan families,” said Tony Tomczak, vice president, Electric Sales & Marketing. “We are helping our customers make the switch to EVs by ensuring that EV charging is more affordable and accessible.”

The TEP also supports the state’s MI Healthy Climate Plan and MI Future Mobility Plan by closing EV charger gaps in rural and disadvantaged communities while also helping the state meet its decarbonization goals through increased electrification and EV adoption.

If you are interested in starting your EV journey today, then visit dteenergy.com/ev for all of our programs, resources and thousands of dollars in rebates to make driving an EV even more affordable.