Did you know? There are the 4 key factors that will determine how high or low your business’s natural gas bill may be.

1 – Usage
Have you adjusted your thermostat setting?  The primary factor that impacts your monthly bill is usage – the amount of energy used during a billing cycle. We recommend 68 degrees

2 – Days Billed
Fewer days in the monthly billing cycle typically results in a lower energy bill, compared to a billing cycle with more days. Your bill provides this detail. 

3 – Weather
A couple of days of extreme weather – hot or cold – can make heating and cooling equipment run longer, increasing energy use.

4 – Changes at the office
More people at work often means you may adjust the thermostat more frequently to make them comfortable.

Next time your bill arrives, take a few minutes to consider the impact these factors may be having on your bottom line.

Need help to save?  DTE offers a FREE Business Energy Consultation. A DTE specialist will come to your business to provide a personalized Business Energy Profile that shows you where your business uses the most energy and identifies ways to save. To schedule, call 855.234.7335 or go online.