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Winter sports that will keep your kids active and healthy

During the winter, you may have heard your child or teenager say, “I’m so bored – there’s NOTHING to do!” You’ve exhausted as many trips to the museum or mall as you could and, simply, need a fresh idea. Encourage your young person to try out winter sports. Not only are they a healthy outlet […]

Michigan colleges and universities lead state in sustainability

For Michigan’s institutes of higher learning, energy costs can represent the second highest area for expenses. It takes a lot to power all of those buildings, campuses and events! Colleges and universities are under increasing pressure to keep tuition costs low while supporting growth in research, new technologies, course offerings, and attracting faculty and student […]

Family-friendly events to kick off your fall

One thing Michiganders love about the summer is the chance to enjoy family activities in warm, beautiful weather (which can make the transition to fall a bit difficult). However, there are a number of events across Michigan that can make even the biggest skeptic look forward to the change in seasons. Here are a few […]

Tiny houses: A big trend

You may be familiar with the concept of a tiny home from TV shows like Tiny House, Big Living or Tiny House Hunters on HGTV, but in case you’ve missed out on the trend we’ve gathered some details. What is the tiny house movement? It is typically described as a social movement where people are […]