Making the right choices for your business is your number one focus. You carefully research new vendors, look for ways to streamline your operations and keep a close eye on your bottom line. When you start looking for ways to save your business money on natural gas, make sure you understand all the factors before you make your decision.

Michigan gives business and residential customers the right to choose the company that provides their natural gas. No matter which company is providing your natural gas, DTE Energy remains responsible for maintaining the infrastructure that delivers gas to your business, responding to gas leaks and metering your usage and billing.

The rates that alternative suppliers offer are unregulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) and can vary according to the terms these suppliers offer. DTE’s rate for natural gas is regulated by the MPSC and can change only with commission approval.

To assist customers in making an informed decision, the MPSC has a website, Compare MI Gas, where you can see how DTE’s price for natural gas compares to the charges offered by other companies.

Sometimes, however, customers can get switched to a different supplier without their knowledge through a process called “slamming.” To protect your business against “slamming,” you can contact DTE at 855.383.4249 and ask to “lock in” your natural gas supplier. Once your account is protected, your natural gas supplier cannot be changed unless you call in to unlock your account.