Tree trim crews worked in the backyard of a Southfield home near 11 Mile and Santa Barbara Drive. They cleared off excess tree limbs that could interfere with overhead lines during heavy winds. This reduces the risk of storm related power outages, helping keep Southfield residents in power when they need it most. 

In late 2021, DTE made a $90 million investment to accelerate its tree trimming efforts across the communities it serves to help prevent outages during heavy storms. You can read more about that initiative here. Highlights include:    

  • Accelerating tree trimming work for the communities hardest hit by recent storms last fall    
  • Last year alone, we trimmed 5,700 miles of trees near power lines – the same number of miles it would take to reach northern British Columbia from Detroit.   
  • Increasing our tree trim workforce by 30% 

If trees are creating a safety hazard near your residence, please report it to DTE. If trees are growing near the lines, but aren’t causing an immediate safety issue, they’ll be trimmed in accordance with our ongoing maintenance schedule.