On Charlevoix Street, the crew replaced six aging poles and a streetlight that were weathered by years of exposure to Michigan’s elements. The poles are being swapped out for a new, sturdier version designed to withstand extreme weather conditions—windstorms, heavy snow, and ice. By upgrading these poles, we are proactively reducing the risk of power outages during adverse weather events. The street light replacement ensures well-lit streets, enhancing safety for residents and pedestrians.

The updated wiring on the poles along with new durable pole-top equipment, including a fiberglass cross arm—a material far more resilient to wind and weather than the previously used wooden cross arms, play a vital role in the distribution of electricity. Their replacement is essential to maintain a robust electrical network and prepare for the future.

The impact of this reliability effort on residents of the Islandview neighborhood helps ensure a reliable infrastructure and is an investment in Detroit’s future— is part of our broader commitment to build the grid of the future. Our strategy includes transitioning to a smart grid, updating existing infrastructure, rebuilding older sections of the grid and trimming trees. Each of these steps is crucial in improving the safety and capacity of the grid. The company is investing $270 million to rebuild the overhead and underground infrastructure that deliver power to the area.  

Once the work is completed and customers are switched over to the new power delivery system, customers will experience a 90% improvement in their electric reliability, which means less service interruptions for homes and businesses in the area.  

You can see what we are working on next by using our electric reliability improvements map or by visiting empoweringmichigan.com/reliability-improvements.