DTE Energy has multiple billing programs and tools to help you forecast and manage your energy bills, so you can easily budget each month.  

First step: Create a DTE online account

The first step in getting more insight into your energy usage is creating a DTE online account. Once you have an online account, you can easily pay your monthly bill online, enroll in our billing and payment programs and access our energy usage tools.  

Create a DTE online account here. 

Sign up for eBill Paperless Billing 

When you enroll in eBill, your monthly energy bill will be sent to your email inbox every month. No more paper statements and no waiting for the mail – you can review and pay your bill as soon as it’s available. Plus, you’ll receive a PDF version of your bill for your records. 

Learn more and sign up for eBill here

Never miss a payment with AutoPay 

One thing that will really throw off your budget is a missed payment. With AutoPay, your DTE account balance will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account or debit or credit card on your monthly due date. You will receive an email alert of this withdrawal ahead of time, which will give you a chance to transfer money to your payment method, if necessary

Learn more or enroll in AutoPay here

Get your budget in order with BudgetWise Billing® 

Make your energy bills more predictable with BudgetWise Billing. We average your energy costs for the past 12 months to determine your initial BudgetWise Billing monthly payment. Your budget plan may adjust slightly every three months based on your actual energy usage. After nine months on your plan, we check to see if your energy costs have increased or decreased compared to what you’ve paid. And any outstanding balance on your account will be divided equally and added to the last three months of your plan. At the end of your plan year, if you have paid for more energy than you used, you will receive a bill credit. If you used more energy than what you paid for, you will need to settle those costs before you start a new plan in the next year.  

Learn more or enroll in BudgetWise Billing here.   

Try our energy usage tools 

With our free energy usage tools, you can manage your energy costs using personalized data from your bill. These tools can show you how changes to your home and energy usage can impact your bill, plan for future expenses, simulate energy efficient appliances in your home and estimate how much charging an electric vehicle at home could cost you. Plus, you can take it a step further by analyzing your energy usage by the hour, day, month or year.  

Learn more and start analyzing your bill here 

Ready to save even more? To learn more about DTE’s energy-saving programs, visit dteenergy.com/saveenergy