As Downtown Clawson continues to grow and thrive, DTE Energy is dedicated to matching that energy with more reliable power for residents and businesses. Over the next few months, we are investing $3.7 million into upgrading and replacing electrical infrastructure in the area to create a stronger, modern grid system.

“With people continuing to lean into a technology-driven lifestyle and move toward cleaner energy solutions like electric vehicles, the demand for dependable power is at an all-time high.” John Maurer, Distribution Operations project manager, said. “Not only will our work in Clawson improve reliability, but it also will increase safety and prepare the electrical grid to support the growing energy needs of people in the community.”

The work — which began summer 2022 and is set to be completed by the end of the year — will include the following:

  • Trimming or removing trees that may interfere with the power lines that deliver energy to homes and businesses.
  • Upgrading more than 15,000 feet of overhead lines and equipment to increase electrical capacity, make the infrastructure more resilient and prevent outages.
  • Replacing utility poles with stronger wood poles to withstand severe weather.

“This work is important because it will ensure Downtown Clawson residents and businesses have the safe, reliable and affordable energy they need, when they need it,” Maurer said.

Customers in the area will receive periodic updates on the projects including planned outage and tree trimming details if their home or business is impacted.

DTE truck parked at construction site in Downtown Clawson. DTE truck on the street next to new utility pole.