Michigan’s natural gas system plays a vital role in providing energy to homes and businesses across the state. As the energy needs of our customers evolve, upgrading our infrastructure becomes essential to continue providing safe and reliable natural gas service. One example is a pipeline we are upgrading in Milford to support recent growth in the community. 

Improvements in Milford 

We are upgrading approximately 5,600 feet of natural gas transmission pipeline with new 30-inch pipes that will help ensure the ongoing safety and reliability of service to area homes and businesses. The original line being replaced was installed in the 1950s. 

Our crews and contractors will work along Our Land Lane and Hazy View Lane in Milford, as well as just north of Commerce Road and just south of Wixom Road. The project kicked off in March and should be completed by the end of June. 

Infrastructure upgrades across Michigan 

We are making historic investments beyond Milford across our state. By replacing aging pipelines, we reduce the risk of leaks, ensuring safer natural gas delivery. This includes: 

  • A $3.7 billion project that runs through 2035, modernizing more than 4,000 miles of older cast-iron and steel natural gas pipes and moving indoor gas meters outside.  
  • We will install more than 200 miles of new pipes and more than 22,000 meters outdoors in 29 Michigan communities in 2024.  

The replacement of steel and cast-iron pipes with more environmentally friendly materials will reduce greenhouse gas emissions for many years to come by an estimated 500,000 metric tons annually.  

Our natural gas pipeline upgrades are not just about replacing pipes; they are about securing a better future for our customers and Michigan’s residents. For more information and to check the status of upgrades in your community, visit our Natural Gas System Improvements page.