When it comes to running a business, small changes can mean a big difference. That’s why energy efficiency matters to businesses like Lumen, a restaurant at Beacon Park in Detroit.  

For Lumen, the energy efficiency is baked into the business’s mission. For businesses that are looking to make big changes like renovations or if they’re starting in a new location from the ground up, there’s a lot that can be done to boost energy efficiency.  

“A lot stems from design upgrades,” Joshua Milson, general manager for Lumen, said. “A lot of it is building related. We’re blessed here, we had a brand new property and we were able to utilize the latest and greatest.”  

At Lumen, the restaurant started from the ground up, taking advantage of energy savings from the efficient HVAC systems, tinted windows to help control the temperature indoors and kitchen equipment that is designed to make the most of energy resources and the space.  

But there were smaller upgrades the restaurant made, too. Motion activated switches in places like the bathrooms and storage areas make sure that lights shut off when those rooms aren’t in use and the dining room switched from traditional candles to battery powered versions that can be recharged.  

“Energy efficiency is a part of the mission statement here in the park,” Milson said. “So there’s a lot of attention on it. I’m still learning some of the features of the building.”  

There are easier changes that businesses can make to reap the benefits of energy efficient choices. Lumen does things like stay conscious of the weather when they decide whether or not to open windows and doors to allow for more open air dining space. For Milson and his staff, they keep things closed on days that are really hot and humid. That kind of weather means the air conditioning has to work overtime to keep things comfortable. Keeping the hot air outside helps make the dining room better for diners and servers alike.  

They also change their menu with the seasons which can help cater to both customer wants and a more comfortable restaurant.  

“Food naturally changes seasonally,” Milson said. “We’re doing more chilled soups and more cold menu items. What people are looking for from a culinary standpoint changes from season to season.”   

When looking to make changes to your business, knowing how to make the most of our energy can go a long way, and expert help like DTE’s business energy consultation can help you find the right things to make for your enterprise. 

“If you are opening or remodeling, consulting an energy efficiency expert about design and utilization of equipment is worth the time investment,” Milson said.