If you get your electricity from DTE Energy, you’ll want to consider enrolling in our SmartCurrentsTM program. SmartCurrents helps you save effortlessly during periods of high energy demand when electricity often costs the most. Your participation will help DTE provide more reliable energy and benefit our Michigan communities and environment.


By enrolling in SmartCurrents you get:

  • a free ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium (valued at $249)
  • reduce stress on the grid during SmartCurrents Peak Events
  • an annual $25 bill credit when you remain in the program for one year and each subsequent year
  • an opportunity to keep your energy costs low each month

Enroll today, it typically only takes five minutes! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at dtesmartcurrents@icf.com. In the meantime, here are some frequently asked questions to get you prepared.


  • What’s a SmartCurrents Peak Event?
    • SmartCurrents Peak Events take place on select weekdays between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. for up to four hours, when your thermostat is automatically adjusted by up to 4 degrees to help you save and reduce strain on the grid during times of high demand.
    • Events are limited, and you benefit from your smart thermostat year-round in addition to receiving a $25 bill credit by participating in thermostat adjustments during SmartCurrents Peak Events.
  • How often are there SmartCurrents Peak Events?
    • Peak Events will never exceed a total of 64 hours per year.
  • How do I install my thermostat?
    • During enrollment, you will select whether you want a free professional in-home, virtual or self-installation (tips here). After you’ve successfully enrolled, if you select free professional in-home or virtual installation, you will be directed to schedule an appointment at a date and time that works best for you.

Learn more about SmartCurrents and enroll today while supplies last!