DTE Energy overhead crews have been working hard to improve electric reliability for residents and businesses of Detroit’s historic Mexicantown and Hubbard-Richard neighborhoods. 

Through this $165 million project. we’re rebuilding more than 30 miles of poles, wires, transformers and electrical equipment from 2022 to 2026 in the Core City, historic Corktown, Hubbard Richard, Jeffries, North Corktown and Woodbridge neighborhoods of Detroit. It also includes trimming or removing trees growing too close to power lines and installing smart grid technology called reclosers. Reclosers will help automatically restore power for many customers during an outage. 

Once the work is completed and customers are switched over to the new power delivery system, customers will experience a 90% improvement in their electric reliability. 

Recently, just a few blocks away from Detroit’s historic Michigan Central Station, where 17th Street intersects with Bagley Street, two new power poles were placed next to aging and weathered poles. Those older poles will soon be removed by DTE crews. Wooden cross arms, some damaged from years of exposure to the elements, were also replaced with a newer fiberglass version that’s more resilient to sun, rain and extreme weather. Atop those cross arms, new pole top equipment was also added, and older transformers were removed in favor of modern equipment that can handle the increased electric loads as this area of Detroit continues to rapidly grow  

This rebuilding work is part of a larger plan where DTE is accelerating its transition to a smart grid, updating existing infrastructure, rebuilding significant portions of the grid and trimming trees. Soon, this type of work will help homes and businesses experience fewer power interruptions. DTE is committed to decreasing outages by 30% and cutting outage duration time in half by 2029. 

Explore our electric reliability improvements map and stay better informed about ongoing projects on Empowering Michigan’s reliability improvements webpage.