Have you considered saving gas and improving your carbon footprint with an electric vehicle? EVs have come a long way in the past several years and there are more choices than ever to find the right EV that will fit your lifestyle and budget.

Finding the EV for you

With our Electric Vehicle Virtual Showroom, you can create a custom list of vehicles from multiple car and truck makers based on criteria you select, including seating, mileage range, passengers and more.  The list includes the newest electric and hybrid models from all of the top OEMs, including Ford, Kia, GM, Tesla.


Get Vehicle-Specific Information

When visiting the Virtual Showroom, customers can view car selections by vehicle tiles, which gives an in-depth view of the electric range for each car. There are also more details about the vehicle when clicking the tile, like charge time and environmental facts. Another way to view different vehicles is by range selection, which shows the total range and suggested price on a chart.

Vehicle Tiles View


Range selection view


Know Your Options

To make the decision even easier, the Virtual Showroom calculates a match score for how closely various cars or trucks fit your custom criteria. The match score includes roundtrip commute, budget after incentives, and home charging availability. Once selected, a list of vehicles will be shown based on the match score rating out of 100.

Match Score


Charge Forward with an EV

When finished in the Virtual Showroom, be sure to visit our EV homepage for more information on how we can further assist you with your new EV. Our Charging Forward program offers a $500 rebate when you install a qualified charger, plus we have electric pricing options, and charging installer resources.

Electric vehicles are the future, and the future is now. Don’t miss out on a chance to find the perfect EV.

Email DTE at pev@dteenergy.com or call our EV Hotline at 734.213.9877 if you have any questions about electric vehicles, pricing or want to learn more about electric vehicles.