Summer 2022 continues to be a scorcher, and meteorologists predict the summer will continue to be hotter than usual in Michigan. When temperatures are extremely hot, the heat can put strain on the electrical system that carries power from our plants to your home.  

In extreme heat, generally considered 90 degrees and above, our homes consume more energy as the air conditioner works overtime to keep the home cool… To keep energy flow reliable, DTE works hard year-round to prepare for extreme weather.  

We have short- and long-term plans in place to manage extreme heat, so our customers receive the safe, affordable and reliable power they deserve. Here’s what we’re doing: 

  • Grid Investments: We’re investing $1.3 billion annually in reliability infrastructure updates to help build a modern, smart, resilient grid system. From upgrading poles and wires to investing in new technologies, the updates help prevent service interruptions, improve restoration times and support the growing needs of our customers. 
  • Maintenance: Throughout the year, we perform maintenance and inspections on our power-generating plants and distribution system. This work ensures our equipment is in optimal condition for extreme summer temperatures. We also trim trees along our power lines to prevent limbs and branches from damaging our equipment, which is a leading cause of power outages. 
  • Preparation: Ahead of extreme heat days, our team prepares the electrical system. This includes performing distribution circuit upgrades, as well as inspecting, repairing and placing equipment required for extreme heat days in service. Additionally, our team reviews extreme heat protocols, operating procedures and training materials.  
  • Energy Diversification: Having multiple sources of energy like nuclear, natural gas, wind and solar helps keep the power on even during the hottest days. Having various energy generation sources allows DTE to produce enough power to meet high demand. These various energy sources also keep the power on for customers because if one source isn’t available to produce power, we can use the energy produced from another source to provide power for customers. For instance, on cloudy days, we can’t produce as much power from solar. On those days, we can use energy produced by wind instead. DTE is continuously investing in new power generation sources. Recently, we brought our new Blue Water Energy Center online. Blue Water will ensure we always have the power required to meet our customers’ energy needs.  
  • Standby Power: We have a fleet of smaller generating units, a hydroelectric storage plant and peaking units that can be brought  online quickly to give our system a boost and meet customer needs.  
  • Mobile Diesel Generators: We have a fleet of seven mobile diesel generators we can connect to the grid to prevent localized outages.  
  • System Readiness: If extreme heat strains the system, we will put in place mitigating actions to keep the system running and power on. This includes performing urgent repairs, adjusting the system to avoid overloads, deploying generators and more. 

As Michigan’s largest energy producer, we have enough energy to serve our customers — plus reserves — even during the hottest days. To learn more about our extreme weather preparedness plans, visit dteenergy.com/power2you.