Balancing your carbon footprint is easier than you might think – and if you enroll in CleanVision Natural Gas Balance in August, you’ll help plant mature 10 trees in Muskegon County!

DTE Energy is challenging residents to enroll in their voluntary cleaner energy program, Natural Gas Balance, by the end of August. If an additional 100 customers enroll in the program by August 31, the company is promising to plant 10 mature trees in Moore Park in Bailey, this fall. Moore Park is known for its vast hills, woodlands, wetlands, grassy areas and shoreline on Half Moon Lake – the perfect destination for spending the day outside!

When you enroll in Natural Gas Balance, you are:

  • Pioneering the use and development of renewable natural gas to reduce methane greenhouse gas emissions
  • Addressing emissions from natural gas in heating, water heaters, cooking and other home uses
  • Preserving Michigan’s forests through the purchase of carbon offsets

It’s easy and affordable to support cleaner energy in Michigan – and you’ll get rewarded if you enroll in August! Take action, now.