The holiday shopping season is upon us and many people are searching for the perfect gift for loved ones. Nothing could be more special than giving them a gift that just might save their life.

Check out these gift ideas:

  • Smoke detector – You can’t smell smoke when you’re asleep. Smoke detectors are key in detecting and communicating that there’s a fire.
  • Carbon monoxide alarm – Carbon monoxide (CO) is produced when fuel-burning appliances and equipment aren’t operated or properly vented. CO, also known as the silent killer, is colorless, odorless and tasteless. The only way to detect it is with an alarm.
  • Batteries – Flashlights, smoke detectors and CO alarms – they all need batteries. Check each device for the required battery sizes. If you’re feeling really generous, install the batteries and test the device before gifting. Remind your loved ones to check and/or change the batteries twice a year.
  • Fire extinguisher – If a small fire breaks out, a fire extinguisher can help contain the fire from growing. But always remember, the main goal is a safe escape.
  • A plan – This is probably the most important gift on the list. Have a conversation with your loved ones about creating a family safety plan.

These aren’t the most exciting gifts, but they are important for keeping your family safe this holiday season and all year long.