The safety and wellbeing of our customers is our top priority — this is why we are rebuilding and improving equipment like poles, crossarms and wires to better serve our community. Unfortunately, a fire broke out at a home on Princeton Street and damaged a utility pole that delivered energy to the surrounding area. The pole was burned along with the pole-top equipment. Over the next several days, crews worked quickly and safely to replace the electrical equipment. 

The team first drilled into the concrete to make space for the new pole. A chemically treated pole was brought in that will be more fire resistant than the old pole and withstand fungi and damage from small animals.  

Crews put rubber blankets over the wires attached to the old pole and deenergized them, so they could safely install the new pole and pole tope equipment. This equipment includes fiberglass crossarms, which are sturdier during extreme weather and have a longer lifespan than the old wooden crossarms. Aluminum wire reinforced with steel was installed. The new wire is thicker and stronger than the old. This will help electricity flow efficiently to customers, while reducing power interruptions.  

Upgrades like this are essential in continuing our four-point plan which includes trimming trees, updating existing infrastructure, rebuilding aging portions of our grid, and accelerating our transition to a smart grid. You can read more about the work our crews are doing in your neighborhood by visiting our Detroit community page.