In a busy industrial district of Troy, nestled within Oakland County, DTE crews are working hard to ensure the reliability and safety of our power by setting two new poles to enhance the safety of the grid and ensuring reliable power for the businesses of Oakland County. 

In addition to setting the new poles, the crew installed new, durable pole-top equipment, including a fiberglass cross arm. Fiberglass, a material far more durable than the previously used wooden cross arms, is less susceptible to damage from wind and extreme weather conditions. This upgrade enhances our infrastructure’s longevity and greatly reduces maintenance issues. 

The crew added a transformer to one of the new poles, allowing businesses in the area to increase their work capacity reliably, demonstrating our commitment to supporting the growth and success of our local business customers. 

This work on East Maple Road is part of our broader commitment to build the grid of the future. Our strategy includes transitioning to a smart grid, updating existing infrastructure, rebuilding older sections of the grid and trimming trees. Each of these steps is crucial in improving the safety and capacity of the grid. 

A reliable and resilient infrastructure helps ensure a consistent power supply, contributing to a secure and productive business environment. 

You can stay informed about our ongoing projects by accessing our electric reliability improvements map or by visiting empoweringmichigan.com/reliability-improvements