Balancing your carbon footprint is easier than you might think – just ask leaders from East Grand Rapids. The West Michigan municipality has implemented a number of environmental initiatives over the last several years, outlined a path to carbon neutrality and is now embracing cleaner natural gas through CleanVision Natural Gas Balance. They are the first municipality in Michigan to enroll in DTE Energy’s cleaner energy program.

“Partnering with East Grand Rapids is a tremendous opportunity for DTE, and we’re proud to welcome them as our first municipal customer into CleanVision Natural Gas Balance,” said Michael Youngblood, principal account manager for DTE Gas. “We’re happy to provide all customers with solutions to addressing their own carbon footprint – whether they be residential customers, small business customers or municipalities like East Grand Rapids.”

CleanVision Natural Gas Balance Overview

CleanVision Natural Gas Balance is DTE Energy’s voluntary natural gas program that empowers customers to balance their natural gas usage through the development of renewable natural gas (RNG) and investment in carbon offset credits. Interested customers choose how much of an average home’s natural gas usage they’d like to balance – levels range between one and four – which fuels RNG development and improved forestry management throughout Michigan. The program provides a flexible and affordable way to address your carbon footprint; you can enroll for as little as $4 a month.

Larger customers, like East Grand Rapids, can also work with DTE to create a custom plan designed to balance their larger natural gas usage.

Since the Natural Gas Balance’s inception in 2021, more than 12,000 residential customers have enrolled in the program. The program has also seen success among Michigan’s small business customers: Madcap Coffee and North Channel Brewing Company were some of the first businesses to support the program.

East Grand Rapids’ Environmental Alignment

“Our City Commission approved a target date of 2040 this past February for carbon neutrality,” said Doug La Fave, Deputy City Manager for East Grand Rapids. “By enrolling in CleanVision Natural Gas Balance we will be balancing 100% of the associated natural gas emissions for all our municipal buildings – and it’s a natural partnership to work with DTE Energy as we took this next step in delivering on our goals.”

East Grand Rapids has a strong history in energy conservation and environmental stewardship. Some ways the municipality is leading by example:

  • The municipal complex was reconstructed in 2006 and is one of the only government centers in West Michigan currently LEED-certified.
  • Residents can drop off compost items at a convenient composting location instead of throwing away those food items.
  • Implemented a mobility bike action plan to increase bike lanes on roads and encourage bike use in the town.
  • Currently constructing new solar arrays at all of their municipal buildings.
  • Stormwater separators at key discharge points to control stormwater management into local lakes.

CleanVision Natural Gas Balance is open to all DTE Gas customers interested in balancing their carbon footprint. To learn more about the program, or enroll, visit dteenergy.com/naturalgasbalance or call 833.628.4270.

For business customers, please reach out to your Gas Account Manager.