This week, Andrea Crawford, wind technician at Gratiot Wind, was featured in Roadtrip Nation’s new documentary, “Skill Shift.” The documentary explores how people are finding the education, training, and opportunities they need to succeed in the future of work, highlighting skill-focused careers in a broad range of industries.  

“They reached out to me because my experience met the requirements they were looking for,” said Andrea. “These requirements included a very small number of people, such as women who didn’t go to a traditional four-year college. It was overall a very fun experience.”  

“Skill Shift” showcases how building future-focused skills can lead to a fulfilling career path no matter who you are, what your goals might be, and where you’re at in life. In the documentary, Andrea says, “the most interesting part that really caught my eye with wind is that it’s different. Not a whole lot of people I knew were doing it.” 

Through stories of people passionate about working in the skilled trades, the documentary reveals that the unpredictability of the future is also an opportunity; it empowers them to define that future, and themselves, however they choose. Andrea says, “any bad day I’ve had at work, if I’m getting frustrated or just upset, I’ve had a long week and I just need a breather – I’ll go on top [of the turbine] and that’s just like an instant emotional change.” 

For Andrea, being a part of the documentary was a new and fun way for her to demonstrate her passion for working as a wind technician and share it with the world. 

“It was an incredible experience,” said Andrea. “Their excitement in my journey really made me feel like I was making a difference for the younger generation or those who are seeking a career change.”


Roadtrip Nation is a nonprofit that humanizes career exploration through story and empowers individuals to connect their interests to fulfilling lives and careers. You can watch the full documentary here.