More dependable power is on its way for nearly 400 customers in Detroit’s east side. As part of our commitment to improving reliability by 30% and cutting outage time in half by 2029, we’re strategically relocating power lines from overhead to underground where it makes sense — this includes the Buffalo Charles and Davison neighborhoods. 

Since fall of 2023, DTE has been working in these neighborhoods to modernize five miles of the electric and gas infrastructure that deliver power to homes in the area. The work includes installing new natural gas lines and meters and burying existing overhead electric service lines.  

New gas lines are made from longer-lasting, more efficient materials that reduce emissions, and moving electric lines underground will help improve power reliability, especially during extreme weather. The newly undergrounded power lines will also increase safety by reducing the number of wire downs from storms, trees and more.  

The gas line rebuild was completed at the end of 2023, and the electric work is in its final stages. 

Final stages of the project 
  • June 2024 – August 2024: Switch customers’ power from the overhead system to the underground. This will require a short outage to make the switch — we will notify customers in advance if the outage impacts them. After conversions are completed, customers will begin to see improvements in their power quality. 
  • August – December 2024: Remove the overhead service lines.   

Strategically burying existing overhead electric service lines where it makes sense is part of our work to rebuild significant portions of the grid. This is just one piece of DTE’s ongoing plan to build the grid of the future. Other portions include transitioning to a smart grid, upgrading existing infrastructure and trimming trees.