We’re working to improve reliability for homes and businesses in Lapeer County. Over the next few years we will be investing more than $65 million to upgrade Lapeer County’s electric infrastructure, including building two new substation.

Crews recently broke ground on a $30 million substation on Kidder Road near Drakeshire Boulevard Almont. Construction on the substation is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.  Across the county in the Lapeer Industrial and Research Park, an addition $35 million is being invested to build another substation and upgrade overhead power lines.

In addition, DTE is making other improvements to the electric grid. This includes upgrading poles and replacing wood cross arms with more durable fiberglass cross arms on overhead power lines. Overhead power lines are prone to damage caused by strong winds, ice, heat and accidents.

Plus, the company is accelerating trimming trees around power lines.  Fallen trees and branches are responsible for 50% of the time DTE customers spend without power.  In communities where DTE has upgraded and replaced equipment and trimmed trees, customers experience significant improvements in reliability. These initiatives are part of DTE’s commitment to providing customers with more reliable power and support the growing energy needs in the community.   To learn more about more visit dteenergy.com/reliability.