This week is Clean Energy Week across the country and right here in Michigan, which means if you’re looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact, now is the perfect time to do so. As part of DTE’s CleanVision for a healthier, brighter, cleaner future for all, we’ve made it easy for our customers to bring sustainability into their homes.

With a wide variety of programs and products to help create a cleaner tomorrow, you’re sure to find something that works for you. Check out these options: 

Natural Gas Balance 
Our CleanVision Natural Gas Balance program is an easy and affordable way to balance the environmental impact of natural gas use. For $4 – $16 a month, DTE Gas customers can balance 25% to 100% of the emissions created from natural gas use. The program combines the delivery of renewable natural gas (RNG) and the purchase of carbon offsets that protect Michigan forests in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Learn more about this program and sign up now! 

Our CleanVision MIGreenPower program enables you to attribute even more of your electricity use to renewable energy, in addition to the 15% you already receive as part of your energy mix. Joining MIGreenPower helps to accelerate the development of new wind and solar projects in Michigan. These projects bring more clean energy onto the grid, reducing emissions and creating a cleaner Michigan for everyone.  

Due to current market conditions, the energy and capacity credits MIGreenPower customers receive exceed the program’s subscription fee; this means you can enroll in MIGreenPower now at no additional cost to your monthly bill. Start supporting more Michigan-made renewable energy today! 

Rooftop solar and private generation 
While we do not install rooftop solar or other private renewable energy generation systems for our customers, we support customers who want to take this step. Our company plays an important role in safely connecting these systems to the grid and can work with you and your installer through all steps of the interconnection process. Learn more about connecting a private generation system 

Starting your electric vehicle journey 
There’s never been a better time to start driving electric. We are assisting all residential electric customers with their journey to driving electric vehicles (EV) through residential rebates on EVs, charger rebates and installation, electric pricing options and an online EV Showroom. We also assist business customers by providing thousands of dollars in rebates and eFleet advisory services. Find out more about our EV resources. 

Energy Efficiency Programs 
Explore our virtual, Energy Efficient Interactive Home where you can find room-by-room energy-savings tips, programs, smart products and rebates to help you reduce your energy use and save. You can also visit the DTE Marketplace, an online store that offers instant rebates on energy-efficient home products to reduce your energy costs and increase comfort. 

Interested in learning how much energy you’re using and how to reduce your energy bill? Download the DTE Insight app. Pair the free DTE Insight App with the DTE Energy Bridge for more real-time energy use and more control. 

Wondering how much difference energy efficiency programs like this make? Since 2008, DTE’s energy efficiency programs have saved customers nearly $4.5 billion on their energy bills. We are proud of our robust suite of energy efficiency offerings, and we are the fifth-leading energy company in the nation for energy efficiency savings programs created to meet customer needs and interests for their homes and businesses. 

Find even more ways to save energy, save money and reduce your carbon footprint!