The DTE Foundation knows that education and engaging learning experiences play a big role in the future success of Michiganders, and the energy industry faces big challenges ahead. These are just some of the reasons we support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education for young people across the state and committed $240,000 in grants to encourage this work.

“It’s important that students are aware of the rewarding careers and opportunities within various STEM fields. Our hope is that students who engage with our partners will be intrigued and pursue a career that fits their passion,” said Lynette Dowler, president of the DTE Foundation. “By supporting STEM education programs, we’re supporting young people exploring career options that can create a better world for themselves and for Michigan.”

Three of the DTE Foundation’s recent grantees support STEM education in Michigan:

  • Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program, Inc. – DAPCEP will use the support to connect Pre-K through 12th grade Detroit students to STEM through camps, labs and opportunities to meet people who work in STEM fields.
  • EduGuide – Funds will go towards a collaborative program with local Michigan schools and colleges to mentor minorities, young women and other students in high poverty and alternative schools with social, emotional and professional skills to persist in STEM subjects and build high-demand career skills.
  • FIRST in Michigan – A robotics program where young people learn engineering, mechanical, and programming skills, as well as marketing, business, teamwork, and collaboration.

Along with the DTE Foundation grants, many DTE employees support educational programs, including FIRST, by volunteering at events, coaching or mentoring. This is a great way for DTE’s team to share their knowledge and inspire statewide students.

“DTE’s employees are inspiring the next generation of students who are passionate about careers in STEM. The DTE Foundation enables 25 high school teams and over 20 middle school teams to participate in FIRST Robotics each season to see just where that passion lies,” said Gail Alpert, president, FIRST in Michigan. “Their support of our rookie team kits and a full season of competitions leading to the state championships shows just how vested the DTE Foundation is when it comes to creating a better future. Undoubtedly, some of these students will be at the forefront of creating innovations that will change the world.”