Since its inception nearly six years ago, Beacon Park and its LEED-certified restaurant Lumen Detroit, have been a gathering place for our team members, the community and visitors from all over, offering free events like educational programming, art showcases, night markets, environmental awareness and so much more.

Beacon Park’s mission is to not only offer an inclusive green space for people in Detroit but to be a sustainable park that minimizes the effects of climate change in our region.

​​​​The team, led by Chris Polk, manager of Beacon Park, is proud to help ensure our efforts in the park help the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan thrive. To achieve this, the park’s sustainability goals include reducing waste and improving the environment through recycling initiatives, education and eco-friendly programming.  

“Beacon Park has become a world-class gathering location for local residents, tourists, families and young professionals because we offer such a wide range of programming that everyone can enjoy,” said Chris. “Our work not only brings people together, but it helps DTE build relationships with community organizations along with national groups that join our goal to serve a leading environmentally conscious public space and regional destination.”​​​​​

The effort speaks for itself. Check out Beacon Park’s 2022 Sustainability Overview below:



Check out WXYZ-TV 7 reporter Faraz Javed’s recent visit to the park to talk about sustainability.

There are a ton of exciting events coming up this summer at Beacon Park. Visit Beacon Park to learn more about upcoming activations.