Fallen trees are responsible for nearly 50% of the time our customers spend without power, which is why we’re focused on trimming overgrown trees as part of our four-point plan. This plan also includes upgrading existing infrastructure, rebuilding significant portions of the grid, and accelerating our transition to a smart grid.   

Since 2020, we have invested more than $586 million in tree trimming and trimmed over 400 miles of trees in Ann Arbor alone. We are continuing our tree trimming efforts to provide the city with reliable energy. 

Crews were recently in Ann Arbor’s residential area, on Joy and Earhart Roads, trimming trees that were at risk of falling on our power lines.  

If we are trimming trees near your home, you can expect to be notified by a representative from DTE. Crews will also leave a door hanger describing the necessary tree trimming, and contact information, so you can ask questions about the work. 

Visit our Tree Trim site to learn more about what to expect when we trim your trees. 

By the end of 2025, we will have trimmed every mile of our grid. Tree trimming will also continue on a five-year cycle to maintain the distance between trees and our equipment.  

We appreciate your patience as we take steps to make Ann Arbor’s grid more reliable. For more information on how tree trimming impacts reliability, visit our blog answering frequently asked tree trim questions. You can also find where we plan to trim trees by checking our electric reliability improvements map