DTE is nearly halfway through a 25-year, statewide infrastructure upgrade project to help ensure continued safe, reliable and more environmentally friendly natural gas delivery. Crews are replacing more than 200 miles of cast iron and steel natural gas main annually.  

By year-end, DTE will install 2,000 miles of new pipes and when work is finished in 2035, 4,000 miles of natural gas lines will be upgraded with longer-lasting, more efficient polyethylene (plastic) materials. These system upgrades will help ensure safe natural gas delivery and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 500,000 metric tons on an annual basis – an amount equivalent to taking 100,000 cars off the road. 

At the same time crews are replacing gas lines, they’re moving meters outside of homes and businesses for customers’ convenience and safety. Outdoor meters give technicians easier access so they can perform more frequent safety checks and maintenance – without having to enter a property. Also, in an emergency inside the home, gas can be shut off from outside to allow first responders to safely enter the property and perform their work.

If DTE is planning upgrades at your property, we will mail you a brochure with information about our construction process and timeline. You also will receive a reminder postcard, door hangers and other communications.

Learn more about the program at System Improvements | DTE Energy and visit Natural Gas System Improvements Map | DTE Energy to find out if work is scheduled in your community.