Fall is here and that means winter weather will be here before you know it.  As the weather changes, so will your energy use as you adjust to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. As your energy use increases, so will your monthly energy bill.  Here are some tips to help you manage your energy use to keep your costs down as the weather turns colder.

  1. Replace your thermostat with a programmable model. Already have one?  Set it to be warmest when you’re home and lower when you’re away to save money.
  2. Sign up for the DTE Insight app and Energy Bridge to keep a close eye on your energy usage in real-time.
  3. Seal air leaks around your home to keep heat in and cold air outside. Add caulk or weather stripping as necessary to seal leaks around windows and doors.
  4. Inspect and, if necessary, replace your furnace filter to ensure your furnace can work at peak efficiency.
  5. Uncover vents and improve airflow by moving furniture, drapes or other items to ensure heat can move easily through your home.
  6. Turn off lights in unused rooms to reduce your energy usage, and consider using programmable timers, especially on holiday decorations.

Need help keeping up with your energy bills? Visit dteenergy.com/assistance for way DTE and local agencies can help.

For more information about managing your energy costs: Dteenergy.com/staywarm