Moving can be a stressful and draining process for anyone. With the moving season in full effect, we want to help make your life as easy as possible during the process. Here are some tips to remember next time you are preparing for a move:

  1. Get rid of unnecessary items – Before you begin to pack, get rid of items that serve you no use or things you’ve been waiting to throw out or donate. Just by doing this, you will lessen the things you need to move and decrease clutter. Read below to find a list of organizations that accept home goods and clothing donations. 
  2. Start to pack as early as possible – More often than not, you will be aware of the timeframe you expect to move weeks or months in advance. You can begin packing your off-season clothes and items that you know you will not be used during that time.
  3. Stay organized – Organization is arguably the most important thing to do during a move. Labeling all your items, boxes and keeping all documents related to your move are some ways to stay organized. This will help you maintain a sane mind and will make the process a lot easier.
  4. Hire a team and reserve equipment – If you are moving on your own, renting a moving truck and equipment like dollies, tie-down straps or rope will be essential to make moving less stressful. If you’re able to hire a moving crew, they should have their own equipment and will be able to speed up the moving process.
  5. Schedule utilities ahead of time – When you have all important dates with your move finalized, you’ll want to contact all necessary providers at your new home. Doing this will save the hassle of figuring out the quickest way to get electricity or water in your new place while trying to unpack. DTE Energy customers can start, stop, or transfer their service in less than 10 minutes online at https://newlook.dteenergy.com/commercial/core-mimo/

Here’s a list of some local organizations who might accept donations of home goods and clothing: