Work is underway in Milan on Whitaker Street and Willow Road to trim trees as a part of our four-point plan. This plan focuses on trimming trees that could interfere with our power equipment and lines, updating existing infrastructure, rebuilding significant portions of the grid and accelerating the transition to a smart grid. By the end of 2025, we will have trimmed every mile of our grid. Tree trimming will also continue on a five-year cycle to ensure that we continue to keep growing trees away from our equipment. 

Types of tree trimming 

50% of the time customers spend without power is caused by trees and branches falling onto our wires and equipment. This is why we are improving the reliability and safety of our distribution system with tree trimming. Our tree trimming efforts can be divided into four categories: maintenance, storm/trouble, capital, and customer requests. 


Regular trimming of circuits prevents trees from encroaching on wires and poles. We trim trees to a standard line clearance that includes priority tree removals and herbicide treatment.  


Storm and trouble is reactive trimming that happens when extreme weather causes trees to interfere with the powerlines and poles.  

Caption: Branches are safely removed and shredded when the job is completed. If you see a tree trim job in your neighborhood, be sure to stay at least 25 feet away.


Tree trimming may be required as a part of a larger capital project such as a neighborhood upgrade or a new business breaking ground. This tree trimming helps to make room for new equipment and improves reliability. 

Customer Requests 

Customers may request trees to be removed that are too close to the powerlines for private tree trimmers to remove. 

We’re committed to building a stronger, more reliable grid that you can count on to deliver the electricity you need to live and work each day. See the reliability improvements we’re making in your community with our electric reliability improvements map. 

We’re committed to building a stronger and more reliable grid that you can count on to deliver the electricity you need to live, work and learn each day. Click here to see the investments and improvements we’re making in your community through 2023.