MI Green Power

DTE Energy is changing the way we generate power to reduce carbon emissions more than 80 percent by 2050. After extensive analysis, we know this can be accomplished in a way that keeps Michigan’s power reliable and affordable for our customers. It’s not a choice between the health of the environment or the health of our economy – we can achieve both.

We are retiring coal plants, developing more wind and solar projects, building a new natural gas-fired power plant and continuing to operate our zero emission nuclear plant.

We have substantial renewable energy capacity and our long-term plan will include more in a way that strikes the right balance of affordability and reliability. Michigan’s climate doesn’t lend itself to sun and wind every day. That’s why we need 24/7 energy resources like natural gas and nuclear to make sure we have reliable power when the sun isn’t’ shining and the wind isn’t blowing. This is also critical for Michigan’s industrial businesses like auto and steel manufacturers who operate around-the-clock and depend on 24/7 energy.

This energy mix of renewables, natural gas and nuclear is also good for the economy. It will create thousands of Michigan jobs and the state will gain supply chain, tax base and reliability benefits that come with in-state power generation.

As we move toward cleaner energy sources, our focus is on maintaining reliable, efficient, affordable and energy for our customers.

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