Fall and winter sports seasons are in full swing and that means more laundry to deal with. Whether it’s a football or basketball jersey, soccer socks or volleyball shorts, your washing machine and dryer are working overtime to keep your athlete looking crisp and clean on game day.

Fortunately, you’ve got a secret weapon in the fight against dirt and stains: natural gas from DTE Energy. A natural gas-fired water heater is more energy efficient and heats water twice as fast as models using other energy sources, ensuring that you’ve got the hot water you need to get those tough stains out.

Once the clothes are washed, natural gas is there to get them dry as well. A natural gas dryer is gentler on clothes, ensuring they last longer, while also being up to twice as fast as an electric dryer and cheaper to operate.

Laundry and hot water make up part of your natural gas usage, but the biggest part of your usage is also increasing this time of year: heating your home. As the nights are getting colder and the days aren’t warming up as much, furnaces are hard at work making homes cozy and comfortable. That means the amount of natural gas you’re using is growing, and with it, your bill is going to increase.

Curious to learn what you can do to keep your usage under control and avoid breaking the bank while staying warm? Visit dteenergy.com/staywarm to learn how usage and weather affect your bill, find tips for reducing your usage and making the most of the energy you do use and get information on programs that can help you manage your monthly bill.