We know you’ve been waiting, and we’re working around the clock to get all of our remaining 15,000 customers affected by last week’s wind storm restored as quickly as possible.

Our restoration process

When we mobilized our crews last week, we began the restoration process by isolating and repairing damage in an effort to restore as many customers as quickly as possible. Now, we’re circling back to areas that sustained extensive damage to power lines and poles as a result of uprooted trees. In many cases, we weren’t aware of the extent of this damage until one of our crews arrived on the scene.

How severe damage causes delays  

To give you an idea of the types of situations we’re working to resolve at this stage of our effort, yesterday in Wayne County, we dispatched a crew to repair a pole. When our crew arrived, we discovered a total of five broken poles located in fenced-in backyards that our large work trucks could not access. We dispatched additional crews to assist in completing these repairs, and 16 linemen worked 16 hours to restore power to the 50 customers and school affected. Unexpected situations like this, and the severity of the damage we’ve discovered during the restoration process, are impeding our ability to provide accurate restoration estimates.

We share your sense of urgency

Our crews, alongside out-of-state crews, will continue to work nonstop to restore your power. At DTE, we’re customers, too, and we know how important safe, reliable energy is to you and your family. We won’t stop until your power is restored.

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