This year’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign is underway – and DTE’s employee committee is delighted to share this year’s t-shirt design, created by Andrea Kuptz, Corporate Communications.  It’s more than a design – it’s a combination of powerful words to inspire us. We asked Andrea and others to share their reflections on Making Strides and the words.

Tell us about your design – what do the words “DTE and Together” in the ribbon mean to you?
When tackling a disease like cancer, having a physical and emotional support system is important so you know you’re not alone. Year after year, DTE employees give of themselves – their time, money and energy – we fight breast cancer together. 

How about the rest of the words?
I got some help with the rest of the words to pull this all together. The words say so much to so many of us here at DTE. (Watch this short campaign video)

Live Never settling for less than the life you are capable of. Ryan Chutorash, DO
Hero Describes your team and your family that get you through. Wilma Davies, IT – Survivor
Give To Give is an endless gift. Natasha Turner, Gas Operations
Faith What you need to make it through. Jackie Wellman, Corporate Communications – Survivor
Share Share awareness to engage our DTE family. Victoria Allen, Gas Operations
Strength What I give to others – to carry their load with my head, heart and hands. Amy Joyce, Facilities
Celebrate Recognizing that every step puts us closer to finding a cure! Mary Nydam, Power & Industrial
Hope It’s consistently looking forward to a positive outcome to something in our life. Mike Rupert, DO
Love Having a passion for something that touches so many lives. Alyssa Zandi, DO
Fight I am Strong, Courageous and Bold, I will never give up! Darlene Husband, Gas Operations – Survivor
Heal Heal is to both physically recover and emotionally accept. Bryan Valrance, Gas Operations
Believe If you believe, you can make a difference. Krista Johnson, Gas Operations
Help What I received during treatments, what I give to others. Melissa Jacobs, Facilities – Survivor
Life A precious gift to cherish and live out with purpose. Marianne Baker, Gas Operations – Survivor

At Making Strides events last year in Ann Arbor, Detroit and Grand Rapids, DTE employees raised nearly $36,000 to fight breast cancer.  This year, the goal is to raise $50,000.  Join a Making Strides walk team!

Making Strides of Detroit, Saturday, Oct. 13

Grand Rapids Making Strides, Saturday, Oct. 20

Ann Arbor Making Strides, Saturday, Oct. 27