At DTE Energy, we love trees! In fact, we’ve planted more than 40,000 trees and seedlings in 490 Michigan communities through our nonprofit partnerships. Michigan has an abundance of tree species that serve important purposes in the ecosystem and our communities. And for more than 20 years, DTE has partnered with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to fund tree-planting projects across the state.

As beautiful and vital as trees are, they can cause risks to power for homes and businesses. To keep our trees healthy and our power reliable, trees sometimes need to be trimmed to prevent outages before they happen. Trees are responsible for two-thirds of the time our customers spend without power. Wind can blow limbs or entire trees into power lines, sometimes causing wires to fall to the ground.

Trees don’t only fall on stormy days, either. Healthy trees can fall even on nice, calm days. Hear from our tree experts on why and how we focus on trimming:

If your neighborhood is part of our tree trimming plan for the year, rest easy. We are committed to communicating with you each step of the way when it comes to performing work on or around your property. First, we’ll send you a letter giving you notice that we’ll be in the area. Next, our tree experts will devise a trimming plan and knock on your door to talk about it. If you’re not home, they’ll leave behind a door hanger describing the trimming that’s planned, along with a personal number you can use to contact them.

When the trimming begins, our tree experts utilize environmentally responsible work practices that promote the health of the tree while maintaining a safe, reliable electrical system.

If you’d like to learn more about our tree trimming program, or ways that you can partner to support a tree-friendly electrical system, visit dteenergy.com/treecare.