With the progression of time, weddings have evolved from simple celebrations to elaborate ceremonies. While the focus of celebrating the union of two people in holy matrimony remains the same, couples have a wide array of options on how to commemorate this special day.

Traditional. Rustic. Destination. Vintage.

What’s one theme that gaining in popularity? The eco-friendly wedding. These green celebrations are not only good for the earth, but they’re easy on the pocketbook and push the boundaries of creativity.  Green weddings are certainly a fun, unique way for two people to start their lives together as partners.

Don’t think you’re creative enough to host an eco-friendly wedding? Think again. These simple tips can help you make your green wedding the talk of your family and friends:

  • Every person counts. One fact about green weddings is that they have the least amount of impact on the earth as possible. Every aspect of your special day, whether it be the number of miles your guests traveled or the waste created throughout the day, plays a part. This will be something to consider when it comes to truly making your wedding eco-friendly.
  • Your venue can set the tone. Choosing an eco-friendly venue sets the stage for your nuptials. Lower your footprint by choosing a lovely outdoor venue with full, lush scenery or even your own backyard! If you’re both nature lovers, try a public park or garden.
  • It’s in the details. Everything from your invites and party favors to your venue and floral decorations can be environmentally sound. Consider sending paperless Save-the-Dates, biodegradable stationery for invites and having your guests RSVP on a wedding website. When it comes to florals, local and organic are always best. Fun party favors for your guests? Paper plant kits! Guests can plant their paper and bloom beautiful plants, flowers or even a tree in honor of your special day! If you want to give out favors you know people won’t throw away, give out sweet treats.
  • Green doesn’t mean bland. If there’s one thing a couple does not want to drop the ball on when it comes to their wedding, it’s the food. Thankfully, green doesn’t mean gross! Go for locally-sourced meat and vegan options. While it may be a bit more expensive, the footprint of the meal could potentially be dramatically lower. Michigan has delightful farm-to-table caterers like White Horse Farm Catering in Benton Harbor, Epicure Catering & Cherry Basket Farm in Leelanau County and Brooklyn Street Local in Detroit.