Our hot pink trucks are turning heads and raising breast cancer awareness in the communities we serve. DTE has 9 trucks wrapped in this pink this year to support the 2018 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign. They come in all shapes and sizes, from a 77-ft. bucket truck to an 18-ft. transit van. Many want to drive them, but only a few are lucky enough to go pink!

Mike Rupert, Redford Service Center, volunteered to have an F-150 wrapped in pink. Mike joined DTE just four months ago, and says he’s proud that he works for a company that cares about people and the community. He also drives pink to celebrate his wife Shannan’s best friend who is battling breast cancer. Thankfully, she’s winning.

Mike Sieloff, Coolidge Road, at first wasn’t thrilled about driving the F-750 pink truck; he didn’t want the attention he knew it would bring – but now he loves it. He shared that driving the truck is attracting positive interest and makes him feel good. Customers are thanking him for the support! Mike thinks the truck helps remind people about the importance of getting check-ups and encourages others to do the same.

Rick Bohn, Pontiac Service Center, is enjoying driving the pink 77-ft bucket truck. While on the road to a job, other drivers pull up to his side, give the thumbs up, toot horns and take pictures! He says the truck is a moving billboard for the cause and cancer awareness in general.

Barb Stressman, Wealthy Station, begged to drive a pink F-150! This cause is near to her heart – her two sisters are survivors, and she lost an aunt to breast cancer. Now her cousin has been diagnosed, so Barb drives pink to continue the battle. Recently, she was at a home checking the meter when the customer saw the pink truck and approached her, telling Barb through tears that she herself was going through treatment. “God sent me an angel today!” the woman said in reaction to the caring demeanor Barb showed while performing her work.

Look for DTE’s pink trucks working in your neighborhood or at the Making Strides Walks. Donate and walk today!

Making Strides of Detroit, Saturday, Oct. 13
Grand Rapids Making Strides, Saturday, Oct. 20
Ann Arbor Making Strides, Saturday, Oct. 27