Balancing your carbon footprint is easier than you might think – and Washtenaw County residents are taking that to heart. The county and cities within have implemented a number of green initiatives over the last 15 years, outlined a sustainability blueprint moving forward and have embraced cleaner energy through various programs like DTE Energy’s Natural Gas Balance. Thousands of customers in Washtenaw County are already enrolled in the program. 

Natural Gas Balance empowers customers to balance between 25% and 100% of an average home’s natural gas usage when they enroll in the program. The program protects forests across 13 counties in the Upper Peninsula and supports the development of renewable natural gas in Michigan. 

Now, DTE is challenging even more Washtenaw County residents to enroll in Natural Gas Balance by the end of the month. If an additional 100 customers enroll, the company is promising to plant 10 trees directly in Washtenaw County as a celebration of residents’ commitment to sustainability. If customers meet this goal, 10 trees will be planted along streets in Saline this fall.  

“The City of Saline is pleased to be working with DTE to deliver clean energy solutions for its residents,” said Brain Marl, Saline mayor. “We hope the program is successful enough to allow us to add new trees to continue to meet our environmental goals locally as well.” 

Natural Gas Balance offers an easy and affordable way to: 

  • Address emissions from natural gas usage in heating, water heaters, cooking and other home uses – without adjusting your energy usage or making changes to your home. 
  • Pioneer the use and development of renewable natural gas to reduce traditional methane greenhouse gas emissions escaping into the atmosphere. 
  • Protect Michigan’s mature trees that act as natural carbon recyclers in the Upper Peninsula while preserving habitats for Michigan’s wildlife like cougars, moose, bears and bobcats. 

 The key to unlocking new trees in Washtenaw County is enrolling in Natural Gas Balance by the end of July.  

Learn more about how these programs could impact our Michigan for generations to come at dteenergy.com/naturalgasbalance or call us with any questions at 833.NATGAS.0 (833.628.4270).