What comes to mind when you think of a vault? A bank vault? Secret treasure?

Well, the vaults in downtown Pontiac don’t lead to cash, silver or gold. Instead, they’re powering the city. The more than two dozen underground vaults deliver electricity to hundreds of homes and businesses in the downtown area.

Pontiac is in the midst of a revitalization, sure to transform the area, as more businesses and developments are calling the city home. With this transformation comes the opportunity for an energy infrastructure update that will promote and sustain downtown Pontiac’s continued growth.

Here is where DTE Energy comes in.  

As part of the company’s $4.2 billion system-wide infrastructure improvement plan, DTE crews will begin upgrading the electrical vault system in downtown Pontiac later this summer.

When originally designed, the vaults were used in cities to provide electrical support not offered by way of utility poles and wires that would be obstructed by larger buildings. Over the years, equipment in the vaults has aged, and replacement parts have become almost impossible to find. In addition, access to the vaults is restricted, as they are located underground or in the basements of buildings. Flooding is another issue driving the need for this game-changing infrastructure update.

The multi-year project includes replacing older equipment with new, best-in-class technology and decommissioning some vaults. Ultimately, the work will result in improved power quality for customers throughout downtown Pontiac.

Stay tuned!

Photo Credit: The Zender Agenda