Ever wondered what all the individual charges on your bill mean? Not sure what Gas Cost Recovery is or what Power Supply Energy Charge is paying for? DTE Energy’s “animated bill” now explains your energy charges in less time than it takes to make a sandwich.

The video breaks down all the individual line items that appear most commonly on customer bills, for both gas and electric customers, and details what those charges pay for.

Through the video, customers will learn how their monthly bill helps pay not only for the energy they consume, but also the

    • systems that deliver energy
    • fuel used to generate electricity
    • natural gas DTE purchases to distribute
    • programs that support heating assistance for low-income customers,
    • energy efficiency programs and more

And if you don’t have three and a half minutes to spare, we’ve broken down each potential line item into less than 20 seconds.


Gas Distribution Charge:

IRM Surcharge:

Gas Customer Charge:

Electric Customer Service Charge:

Reservation Charge:

Gas Customer Choice:

Energy Optimization:

Other Delivery Charges:


Other Power Supply Surcharges:

Electric Distribution:

Power Supply Energy:


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