Summer’s over, so now is the perfect time to be thinking about natural gas and take a look at your bill to make sure you understand your service.

Michigan law allows for residential and business customers to choose who provides the natural gas they use through the Gas Customer Choice program. Before making a switch, though, there are some important things to consider to make sure you make the right choice.

  1. Review your bill.

If you’re a DTE Energy customer, your bill will show the Gas Cost Recovery charge, which is DTE’s cost for the natural gas you use without any markup. If you’re served by an Alternative Gas Supplier, your bill will show the name of the company providing your natural gas service and the price you pay for gas.

  1. Compare prices.

Visit the Michigan Public Service Commission’s comparison website to look at how DTE’s price compares to alternative suppliers. Some providers offer variable rates, which can change month-to-month, and providers may also offer lower introductory rates that can increase after a specific period. DTE’s rates are regulated by the MPSC, and cannot increase without the commission’s approval.

  1. Lock in your supplier.

If you want to lock in your supplier, whether it’s DTE or an alternative supplier, it’s as simple as calling 800.477.4747 and asking to lock your gas supplier in. This free service keeps your supplier from being changed without your permission, a process known as “slamming.” If you think your provider has been changed without your permission, contact the supplier listed on your bill.

Taking control of your natural gas bill now can help you make sure you’re prepared for cooler temperatures in the fall and winter. It’s the smart thing to do.