This guest post authored by Alayah Love, student at Osborn Evergreen Academy of Design and Alternative Energy

When I talked to my peers about the DTE Energy trip, it was obvious that we were all excited about going.  We knew Ms. Williams could only select a few students and we were happy to be in the group allowed to go.  Ms. Williams told us about DTE Energy internship programs which seemed to be the driving force behind our wanting to go.

We did research about DTE Energy and learned that it was formed by Detroit Edison.  We read about the partnerships that have been established with Detroit Employment Solutions, 100 Black Men of Greater Detroit and a few other organizations.  We read and learned information about using remote controls to control the energy in our houses.

The bus ride

There were fourteen students on the bus and none of us had ever visited an energy plant before.  To be quite honest, we were just hoping for the opportunity to get picked for a summer job where we made more than the minimum wage.  Most of the girls on the trip thought everything would be geared for the males.

The tour

The tour was amazing!  Steve Nicol was an awesome speaker who spoke with so much excitement as he shared information with us about skilled trade jobs! We learned a lot about power lines, man holes and that there are many power lines that go underground.

Mrs. Harris-Turner’s HR presentation was also great and packed with information that we really did not expect to receive. We really appreciate that fact that she asked for our email addresses so she could send job information directly to us.

Carmen, our tour guide was another “source of energy” that helped us stay focused, informed and educated about the wonderful things that DTE Energy has for us.

Post-event reflection

Overall, we really enjoyed this trip and as I said prior to leaving, I wished we could have stayed there a little longer.

Two days following the trip, we were still discussing it with some of our friends who did not have the pleasure of going. We told them about the man who climbed the pole to demonstrate how to rescue a person, how one of our classmates was allowed to take a bucket ride into the sky and how we were made to feel safe and very special.

A conversation was held with our college adviser about our trip and she stated she would love the DTE Energy team members to come to Osborn and speak to all the seniors about the opportunities available to them if employed by DTE Energy. I hope they are able to make arrangements for this to happen because I would love to spend more time speaking, listening and learning about a job at DTE Energy.

Additionally, I realize that students from Cody High School attended at trip at the DTE Melvindale location. I would love to go there and get hands on experience about other jobs.

Thanks DTE Energy for an amazing Day!